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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Comedy Cult Classic — Running time 1:31
Rated R - for strong sexual content including dialogue, violence and language

Come relive the time warp again!  It’s weird and wonderful as newly engaged couple Brad and Janet encounter a problem when their car halts in the rain. They both look for contact, only to find themselves at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite. A place to stay is offered, but will Brad and Janet want to remain there especially when Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds his own man. There’s a whole host of participation for the audience to enjoy.

Please feel free to sing along, yell at the screen, and bring toast, newspaper, playing cards, spray water bottles, etc. but please be aware that all bags will be checked before being allowed into the theater.

Starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and Richard O'Brien

Directed by Jim Sharman

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