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The Holdovers

Closed Wednesday!

Playing Monday Dec 4 at 4:00 | 6:40

Rated RRunning time 2:23

From acclaimed director Alexander Payne, a curmudgeonly instructor at a New England prep school remains on campus during Christmas break to babysit a handful of students with nowhere to go. He soon forms an unlikely bond with a brainy but damaged troublemaker, and with the school’s head cook, a woman who just lost a son in the Vietnam War.

Starring Paul Giamatti, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Dominic Sessa, Carrie Preston and Brady Hepner
Directed by Alexander Payne


Closed Wednesday!

Playing Monday Dec 4 at 6:00 Only!

Rated RRunning time 2:47

Napoleon is a spectacle-filled action epic that details the checkered rise and fall of the iconic French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Against a stunning backdrop, the film captures Bonaparte’s relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his one true love, Josephine, showcasing his visionary military and political tactics against some of the most dynamic practical battle sequences ever filmed.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Ben Miles, Tahar Rahim and Matthew Needham
Directed by Ridley Scott


Closed Wednesday!

Playing Monday Dec 4 at 4:10 | 6:45

Rated PGRunning time 1:42

WISH is an all-new musical-comedy welcoming audiences to the magical kingdom of Rosas, where Asha, a sharp-witted idealist, makes a wish so powerful that it is answered by a cosmic force–a little ball of boundless energy called Star. Together, Asha and Star confront a most formidable foe–the ruler of Rosas, King Magnifico–to save her community and prove that when the will of one courageous human connects with the magic of the stars, wondrous things can happen.

Starring Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Angelique Cabral and Victor Garber
Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Closed Wednesday!

Playing Monday Dec 4 at 6:15 Only!

Rated PG-13Running time 2:55

Years before he becomes the tyrannical president of Panem, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow remains the last hope for his fading lineage. With the 10th annual Hunger Games fast approaching, the young Snow becomes alarmed when he’s assigned to mentor Lucy Gray Baird from District 12. Uniting their instincts for showmanship and political savvy, they race against time to ultimately reveal who’s a songbird and who’s a snake.

Starring Tom Blyth, Rachel Zegler, Peter Dinklage, Hunter Schafer and Jason Schwartzman
Directed by Francis Lawrence

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