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In the Heights

Start Friday, June 18th!

Playing Wednesday Jun 16 at

Rated PG-13Running time 2:32

In the Heights centers on the neighborhood of Washington Heights, on the northern tip of Manhattan. At the center of the show is Usnavi, a bodega owner who looks after the aging Cuban lady next door, pines for the gorgeous girl working in the neighboring beauty salon and dreams of winning the lottery and escaping to the shores of his native Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Nina, a childhood friend of Usnavi’s, has returned to the neighborhood from her first year at college with surprising news for her parents, who have spent their life savings on building a better life for their daughter. Ultimately, Usnavi and the residents of the close-knit neighborhood get a dose of what it means to be home.

Starring Anthony Ramos, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Barrera, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Smits
Directed by Jon M. Chu

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Starts Friday, June 18th!

Playing Wednesday Jun 16 at

Rated RRunning time 1:49

The world’s most lethal odd couple — bodyguard Michael Bryce and hitman Darius Kincaid — are back on another life-threatening mission. Still unlicensed and under scrutiny, Bryce is forced into action by Darius’s even more volatile wife, the infamous international con artist Sonia Kincaid. As Bryce is driven over the edge by his two most dangerous protectees, the trio get in over their heads in a global plot and soon find that they are all that stand between Europe and a vengeful and powerful madman.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman
Directed by Patrick Hughes

Spirit Untamed

Starts Friday, June 18th for 3 Days Only!

Playing Wednesday Jun 16 at

Rated PGRunning time 1:36

After moving to a sleepy little town, young Lucky Prescott befriends a wild mustang named Spirit, who shares her rebellious spirit. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit and his herd, Lucky and her new friends embark on the adventure of a lifetime to rescue the horse that forever changed her life.

Starring Isabela Merced, Marsai Martin, Mckenna Grace, Julianne Moore and Jake Gyllenhaal
Directed by Elaine Bogan

Queen Bees

Starts Friday, June 18th!

Playing Wednesday Jun 16 at

Rated PG-13Running time 1:49

While her house undergoes repairs, fiercely independent senior Helen moves into a nearby retirement community — just temporarily. Once behind the doors of Pine Grove Senior Community, she encounters lusty widows, cutthroat bridge tournaments and a hotbed of bullying “mean girls” the likes of which she hasn’t encountered since high school, all of which leaves her yearning for the solitude of home. But somewhere between flower arranging and water aerobics Helen discovers that it’s never too late to make new friends and perhaps even find a new love.

Starring Ellen Burstyn, James Caan, Ann-Margret, Loretta Devine and Jane Curtin
Directed by Michael Lembeck

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