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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out what’s coming on Friday?

Sign up for our weekly Tuesday email so you’ll know just as soon as we do or use the date drop down feature on the home page.

2. How far ahead do you know if you’re getting a film?

We quite often don’t find out until Tuesday morning what films are leaving Thursday and opening Friday.

3. Do you sell tickets in advance?

Yes, you can purchase advance tickets online or at our box office during normal business hours.  Tickets become available for the coming Friday through Thursday on each Tuesday. 

4. Why is 3D so expensive?

3D films are more expensive to produce, and therefore a larger portion of the ticket price goes back to the studio.  Also a surcharge is required for each ticket sold which pays RealD for the use of their technology and for supplying us with their recyclable 3D glasses.

5. How old is the Nugget?

The Nugget is 100 years old.  It first opened in 1916.  See our History page for more info.

6. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we offer swipe gift cards which can be loaded with any dollar amount you wish.  They are redeemable at both the box office and concession stand.  They can be purchased at the box office during normal business hours.  Gift cards are not currently available online.

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