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The Secret Life of Pets 2

Playing Sunday Jun 16 at 2:00 | 4:30 | 7:00

Rated PGRunning time 1:35

Max faces some major changes after his owner Katie gets married and now has a child . On a family trip to the countryside, Max meets a farm dog named Rooster, and both attempt to overcome his fears. Meanwhile, Gidget tries to rescue Max’s favorite toy from a cat-packed apartment, and Snowball sets on a mission to free a white tiger named Hu from a circus.

Starring Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Harrison Ford and Patton Oswalt
Directed by Chris Renaud and Jonathan del Val

The Dead Don’t Die

Playing Sunday Jun 16 at 1:50 | 4:20 | 6:50

Rated RRunning time 1:51

The greatest zombie cast ever disassembled starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Sara Driver, RZA, Selena Gomez, Carol Kane, Austin Butler, Luka Sabbat and Tom Waits. The citizens of the sleepy little town of Centerville find themselves under attack by flesh-eating zombies when the dead rise from their graves.

Starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi and Danny Glover
Directed by Jim Jarmusch


Playing Sunday Jun 16 at 1:40 | 4:15 | 6:45

Rated RRunning time 2:10

ROCKETMAN is an epic musical fantasy about the incredible human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. The film follows the fantastical journey of transformation from shy piano prodigy Reginald Dwight into international superstar Elton John. This inspirational story, set to Elton John’s most beloved songs, tells the universally relatable story of how a small-town boy became one of the most iconic figures in pop culture.

Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard
Directed by Dexter Fletcher

Disney’s Aladdin

Playing Sunday Jun 16 at 1:30 | 4:10 | 6:40

Rated PGRunning time 2:16

Aladdin, a kindhearted Arabian street urchin, frees a genie from a lamp, granting all of his wishes and transforming himself into a charming prince in order to marry a beautiful princess. But soon, an evil sorcerer becomes hell-bent on securing the lamp for his own sinister purposes.

Starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott and Marwan Kenzari
Directed by Guy Ritchie

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