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Playing Tuesday Oct 15 at 4:10 | 6:40

Rated RRunning time 2:10

Failed comedian Arthur Fleck encounters violent thugs while wandering the streets of Gotham City dressed as a clown. Disregarded by society, Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro and Brett Cullen
Directed by Todd Phillips

Downton Abbey

Playing Tuesday Oct 15 at 4:15 | 6:45

Rated PGRunning time 2:10

This fall, the worldwide phenomenon DOWNTON ABBEY, becomes a grand motion picture event, as the beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England will unleash scandal, romance and intrigue that will leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance.

Starring Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Joanne Froggatt and Elizabeth McGovern
Directed by Michael Engler


Ends Thursday Oct 17th!

Playing Tuesday Oct 15 at 4:20 | 6:50

Rated PG-13Running time 2:06

Thirty years after starring in “The Wizard of Oz,” beloved actress and singer Judy Garland arrives in London to perform sold-out shows at the Talk of the Town nightclub. While there, she reminisces with friends and fans and begins a whirlwind romance with musician Mickey Deans, her soon-to-be fifth husband.

Starring Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell and Michael Gambon
Directed by Rupert Goold

Gemini Man

Playing Tuesday Oct 15 at 4:15 | 6:45

Rated PG-13Running time 2:05

Henry Brogan is an elite assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. To his horror, he soon learns that the man who’s trying to kill him is a younger, faster, cloned version of himself.

Starring Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong
Directed by Ang Lee

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