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Megan Leavey

Limited Engagement Ends Thursday, June 29th!

Playing Saturday Jun 24 at 1:40 | 4:15 | 6:45 | 9:10

Rated PG-13Running time 2:04

The true life story of Megan Leavey, a young Marine corporal whose unique discipline and bond with a military combat dog saved many lives during her deployment in Iraq. Assigned to clean up the K-9 unit after a disciplinary hearing, Leavey starts to identify with Rex, a particularly aggressive dog that she trains. Over the course of their service, Megan and Rex complete more than 100 missions until an improvised explosive device injures both, putting their fates in jeopardy.

Starring Kate Mara, Ramon Rodriguez, Tom Felton and Bradley Whitford
Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Beatriz at Dinner

Starts Friday, June 23rd!

Playing Saturday Jun 24 at 2:00 | 4:30 | 7:00 | 9:15

Rated RRunning time 1:31

Beatriz, an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as a health practitioner in Los Angeles. She collides with her polar opposite, a self-satisfied billionaire, at a wealthy client’s dinner party.

Starring Salma Hayek, John Lithgow, Connie Britton and Chloë Sevigny
Directed by Miguel Arteta

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Playing Saturday Jun 24 at 1:30 | 4:10 | 6:40 | 9:10

Rated PG-13Running time 2:17

Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Capt. Jack Sparrow feels the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost sailors led by his old nemesis, the evil Capt. Salazar, escape from the Devil’s Triangle. Jack’s only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it, he must forge an uneasy alliance with a brilliant and beautiful astronomer and a headstrong young man in the British navy.

Starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem and Kaya Scodelario
Directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

Paris Can Wait

Playing Saturday Jun 24 at 1:50 | 6:50

Rated PGRunning time 1:41

Anne is at a crossroads in her life. Married to a successful but inattentive movie producer, she unexpectedly finds herself taking a car trip from Cannes to Paris with her husband’s business associate. What should be a seven-hour drive turns into a carefree two-day adventure replete with diversions involving picturesque sights, fine food and wine, humor, wisdom and romance, reawakening Anne’s senses and giving her a new lust for life.

Starring Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin and Arnaud Viard
Directed by Eleanor Coppola

It Comes at Night

Playing Saturday Jun 24 at 4:20 | 9:15

Rated RRunning time 1:42

Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, the tenuous order a man has established with his wife and son is put to the ultimate test with the arrival of a desperate family seeking refuge. Despite the best intentions of both families, paranoia and mistrust boil over as the horrors outside creep ever-closer, awakening something hidden and monstrous within the man as he learns that the protection of his family comes at the cost of his soul.

Starring Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo and Riley Keough
Directed by Trey Edward Shults

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