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Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

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Family — Running time 1:57
Rated PG - for mild peril and thematic elements

When the Primm family moves to New York City, their young son Josh struggles to adapt to his new school and new friends. All of that changes when he discovers Lyle – a singing crocodile who loves baths, caviar and great music-living in the attic of his new home. The two become fast friends, but when Lyle’s existence is threatened by evil neighbor Mr. Grumps, the Primm’s must band together with Lyle’s charismatic owner, Hector P. Valenti, to show the world that family can come from the most unexpected places.

Starring Shawn Mendes, Javier Bardem, Constance Wu, Winslow Fegley and Scoot McNairy

Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon

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